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Learn the simple theory behind
Successful Property Investing
with The 3+1 Plan. 

This book will give you the foundation you need to succeed.

Learn the simple theory behind why property works, how to get started and the principles, strategies and structures that you need to succeed. This book is the simplest starting point for property investors. 


Understand the Principles

Learning the basics principles for property success is key and the book gives you everything you need.


How to read the Market

Learn how to read the property market to invest with security. Understand the impact of different markets on cash flow and capital growth.


Choose the Right Strategy

Learn to change your strategy to meet the current property market and take advantage of 

What the book covers

Chapter 1 | Why the 3+1 Plan will work for you

Chapter 2 | My Set and Forget Strategy

Chapter 3 | How do you raise your first capital? 

Chapter 4 | Watch the cash flow It’s often more important than your capital

Chapter 5 | Which portfolio building strategy will be the best for you?

Chapter 6 | The crystal ball of property Always remember the historic property cycles

Chapter 7 | Make more money by making your portfolio grow faster

Chapter 8 | Do you want help in handling your portfolio?

Chapter 9 | Developing your portfolio

Chapter 10 | My Set and Forget Checklist

Chapter 11 | The One Big Thing 

"Property should be a box that makes you money, change from an emotional beginner to a numbers investor"

Over 20 Years of Property Thought Leadership & More than A Billion Pounds in Property Sales Has gone
into this book.

Brett has been involved in property since his teens over that time he's written over 20 property books, 2000 articles, and recorded hundreds of hours of video. His businesses span Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia allowing him to bring a unique perspective into what works and what to avoid in property. The 3+1 Plan is his most famous book and has over 100,000 books in publication. 

Brett Alegre-Wood

Author of over 20 Property Books

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